An Independent Film
Three years earlier, a giant eye appeared in the sky, sending civilization into a free fall. As crops failed and governments collapsed, cults sprang up, both worshiping and fearing the Eye, drawing in the lonely, the vulnerable, the fearful, and the optimistic. While most of society soldiered on, outbursts of extreme violence began to infiltrate everyday life, leaving the population bewildered and afraid.
In the wake of his family's massacre, Noah sets out in search of the group he believes is responsible. When he finds himself stranded in a small town, Noah takes a fellow castaway, Mari under his wing. Noah attempts to shift Mari's beliefs after she reveals her interest in joining the group, as she shares a love for the Eye in Sky. They wander through a small town as they await the last bus before the Eye's annual Blink. Wandering through a crumbling infrastructure of a world beset by famine, the two form an unlikely friendship. But when Mari goes to join the group, Noah must decide what is important.
KEVIN ROGERS Writer/Director/Producer Kevin Rogers is the owner and creative director of Backslash Bomb Productions. He founded the company in 2009 in his native Staten Island, NY. He’s the winner of the COASHI Excellence in the Arts Award as well a Premiere Grantee 2015 winner from S.I. Arts. Kevin is also the Producer/Writer/Editor of Mount Lawrence, a feature documentary about Chandler Wild’s epic 6,700 mile bicycle ride to Alaska. CHRISTINA HURTADO-PIERSON Producer Christina Hurtado-Pierson is a producer and dramaturg based in New York City. She recently made her directing debut with TransMilitary, which premiered at the Queer Film Festival in Eugene, OR. She previously served as the story consultant for the documentary feature Mount Lawrence, and as a writer and producer on the television pilot Sox News. She currently works for as a producer and dramaturg for Martian TV & New Media.
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